I am going to by a new XC Rig that I can do a bit of everythig on as well as race endurance events and a bit of XC. I am looking at the Blur, Nicolai Helius CC, Ventana El Salt. All a bit exotic and all pretty different. I am 6'3" all and weign 210 lbs. I have a heckler for trail riding which I may get rid of as I do not relly do much more than what would with the above bike. I am looking at pedaling perfromance, weight, strength and durability not so much the cost.

All advice and input would be appreciated as have not ridden a Nicolai or Ventana but really like the exotic and rarer nature of these frames.

I ride in varied terraing but nothing to extreme as I never use the heckler to even close it's full potential. I have posted this info request in the SC and what bike to buy forums to trya and capture as much info as possible.