Does it seem like a trend to ride frames a size too small on long travel bikes?-
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    Does it seem like a trend to ride frames a size too small on long travel bikes?

    Maybe I am nuts, but I watch quite a lot of how to and 10 tips for better riding on youtube, and it really seems like a lot of these guys are riding frames that are too small for them. They are just hulking over the bike. for an example, there is a video about "does aerodynamics make a difference", and in the intro, the guy is sitting on a nice bike...and his knee is almost hitting the handle bar. another example is a video about fixing wrist pain and hand numbness on the bike, and in the video the guy demonstrates proper position... on a bike that looks at least a size too small for him. I guess I am wondering if I am the only person that seems to think these bikes look very small for the riders? and really, I am wondering If I am riding something far too large? It would seem the trend of short stem is what I am seeing, but I thought current design stretched the top tube to compensate? Thanks for any input.

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    I've seen that video about wrist pain and thought the same thing, that the bike he was using for demonstration was a bit on the small side. Bike fit is both personal and optimal. Some riders like a smaller bike for its huckability, especially so in the case of trail bikes where obstacles require the rider to wheelie or hop, slide the rear wheel through a corner, get behind the saddle for downhill sections, etc. It may not be ideal for pedal stroke or for a more relaxed riding position for hours long rides or going uphill, but that isn't what they're after. Further, many riders and companies are actively in pursuit of the perfect geo and the argument still rages for/against the new school geo of slacker HT angles and longer ETT with shorter stems and wider bars. In addition, frames are built based on an "average" scale, to be able to fit a wide range of riders. The result of which is that a person could be between a med and large and the decision is made based on their personal feeling of optimal fit. This can further be an issue for a rider if the LBS has one size or the other but not both on the floor. IMO, find what works for you and ride it. It's ok to try bikes with different geo until you find the grail geo for you.
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    I thought current trends were more to sizing up and going to a shorter stem. Personally I'm 5'8 on a small Pivot 429 and it feels perfect.

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    ^case in point^

    5'8" seems big for a small.

    I'm 5'7, always ride mediums, and I feel like I could ride a large in Specialized. Running 780 bars with a 50mm stem on a medium, feels great. I'm very proportional.

    Road bikes, on the other hand, I feel like I need to run one size small. I'm always recommended a 54cm, which feels massive.

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    I just switched from large to medium frame sizes. I was at the lower end of large and am at the upper end of M. The L was more stable and comfortable climbing, but the M is more fun. Depends on what you want.

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