First off, I know this generally not recommended, and a purist would tell me to just suck it up and get a cheap touring frame like a Surly or something like it, BUT

I have a Scott CX bike and I'm wondering if it's a reasonable idea to use it for some shorter self-supported tours. I have a rear Old Man Mountain rack, and would probably be toting 40-50 lbs on it. Will probably use a handlebar bag for some stuff too.

For those not in the know, the Scott CX is a sweet sweet racing frame, and it's absurdly light for an aluminum cyclocross frame. I only weight 135 myself, so I would think that me + gear + rack is still within the acceptable weight limits of the frame, but I don't know what happens when I put a lot of that weight over the rear wheel.

I've seen people take cross continental trips on Gunnar crosshairs (steel) and the like- would the Scott CX be similarly strong? I've never heard of anyone trying with the Scott... what do you guys think?