Hello fellow shredders,
I am currently in the market for a new ride. I have an old 2013 EVIL Uprising, 2015 EVIL Undead, and a 2016 Knolly Warden. I replaced the Uprising with the Warden and only keep it for when buds want to join for a ride. I really like the Undead, but I don't go to the parks enough to justify owning it. Then we have the Warden. It has inspired me to push myself in the DH, but on the climbs and even on the less then solid flats it feels like I am not getting my worth out of my pedaling. So, after just rambling on, I plan on selling the Uprising and Undead as complete bikes and the frame of the Warden. I have been looking into the Ibis Mojo HD4 and the EVIL Insurgent. My step dad is advocating the Mojo, but I have been an EVIL fanboy for some time. If anyone has ridden either or both of these beauties, I would love to hear what you have to say; climbing ability, flick ability, jumps, techy DH, ect. I am also open for other suggestions as well. Thanks all for reading my post and I look forward to the responses.