Buy Hardtail Online or Store? $1500 budget-
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    Buy Hardtail Online or Store? $1500 budget

    I'm looking to get a Hardtail MB in the next few weeks. I'm starting my research now and need your advice. I keep hearing about but when I go to thier site I don't see any bikes I recognize from the brands I'm used to.

    1. Are these bikes they sell on just their own brands? They don't seem to sell TREK, Specialized, GIANT, etc??

    2. Any other place to buy online to save some $$?

    3. What bikes would you recommend on both or from a local store? $1500 is the most I want to spend right now.

    4. What components would be good to look for? I know sometimes they come out with certain components that are well worth the price to upgrading to.

    Anyways I'm looking to find the best deal I can on a new bike. I don't care about the latest and greatest 2010 stuff but new is important to me and a frame warranty would be nice!

    Age: mid 30's
    Size: medium, 5'9 around 195lbs
    Buget: no more than $1500
    Usage: some street/city riding, cross crountry, lots of mountain trails.
    Location: northern CO
    Past Experience: Used to mountain bike a lot in the 90's with a rock hopper and loved it!


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    I had a similar budget and ended up getting a Fuji Tahoe SL 29 from my LBS. I looked at, but my LBS gave me a price close to bikes direct so I went with it. X9 group, Reba, and Elixirs will make for a good bike.

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    I saw a Specialized Stumpjumper hardtail the other day that was a real nice bike for around 1500. Cant remember the exact model though.

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    Are you capable of working on the bike yourself and/or repairing it yourself? Tuning it up? If not... i wouldn't advise ordering online..although there's no law that says you can't... its just a general rule of thumb. The money you'll save won't be worth much when you consider the knowledge and service you'll get from a LBS, and often a few free years of service too depending on where you buy.

    For a $1500 budget you can get one hell of a bike at your LBS!!

    You're concerned about frame warranty?? Check out the Gary Fisher X-Caliber (or stretch your budget just a bit further and snatch up a Paragon). In terms of components... unless you're racing competitively both of these bikes will have more than you'll ever need

    (if you're able to do your own bike work... check out the Sette Razzo on pricepoint... smokin deal IMO)
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    You could always stretch the budget and get a Sette Morph. Pretty much any bike for 1500 dollars at a LBS will be good, all of the offerings online from, and Sette will be good. Drawback to online is assembly, but if you can handle it then it is a great option.
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    744 bikes are actually overpriced given the average quality and age of the component groups and when you do a 1:1 comparison vs. LBS bikes, you can get a newer, better bike for not much more.

    they usually write up testimonials as to how cheap and awesome they are, but motobecane is a second tier brand. if you're insistent on the internet thing, i'd go with sette, their stuff is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eat_dirt
    but motobecane is a second tier brand.

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    don't listen to people that claim buying from the LBS is good if you can't do your own wrenching. it is bunk. about the only free "repairs" an LBS will give you is a "tune up". this means tightening streched out cables. I've never seen an LBS that'll turn down work on a bike because it wasn't purchased from their shop.

    the biggest reason to buy from a LBS is so you can test ride the bikes that you are considering. $1500 will go a long way at the bike shop. go shopping, man.

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    Kona, Marin, Trek, Fuji, Gary Fisher all make great bikes in that price range.
    I spent 1300 on my Kona 5 years ago. What a great bike. I hope the bastage that stole it falls and breaks all the bones in his body.

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