I really ought to just get a lightly used DJ but the Triple has my eye. Trouble is I can't really justify spending the $2.2-2.5k for a used one... nor do I really probably need a higher end fork like the Pike DJ. But there's a frame on Pinkbike for $750 USD... and I do have a 26" Reign X sitting around...

Can a Lyrik RC2DH's travel be reduced to 100mm? If not, CRC has the Manitou Circus Expert for $200... my wife's DJ has a Manitou Circus and it sucks, but I read the Expert is much better, right?

The rear wheel won't fit either, but I've got most of the rest. Should bring the total build below $1200 if I don't need a fork, which isn't much more than a used PBJ build.

But will it suck?