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    Blur...but what model??

    Hi there!

    Im currently contemplating selling my heckler and buying a Blur. But what model should I look at? I like the geometry of the heckler, but wouldnt mind not having 130 in the rear.
    Im looking at these models: I can get a good deal on a 2004 "narrow-rear" blur.
    Im also looking at the 4X and the classic Blur with "Bigfoot-Rear". Im not looking at the BLT as i dont need the travel, and also not looking at the Blur XC as I think is is a little too race-oriented.

    Im concerned with the relative steep headangle on the classic Blur (compared to the Heckler) so Im considering putting a Pike on the front in 120mm mode as it may be able to give it more stability. On the other hand the quite slack headangle on the 4X may be way too slack for XC riding...Any thoughts on that one?

    Are there huge difference in stiffnes between the two models?

    Im going to use it for non-racing XC, some trail and maybe a little jumping.

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    Fresh from a comparison ride

    [QUOTE=WonderBoy]Hi there!
    I have been riding a "classic" narrow -rear Blur for 1.5 years and have had my LBS owner's BRAND NEW Blur 4X while my fork (Fox FX100, excellent when I have it) is in for repairs (nice LBS). I have previously felt I had little ability to compare geometry/climbing/desending/tracking etc. but the differences are dramatic and consitent. I usually ride cross country with the occassional race, trail when I can and small, old-guy drops (3-4 feet). I love my Blur but noticed a dramatic improvement in downhill speed and comfort on the 4X as would be expected. The increased stability was remarkable but of course proved a negative in slow technical bits. The 4X climed reasonably well with the fork set to 3.5 inches but was way to light in the front end with it at 5.5 inches. The extra weight was noticeable but not unmanageable. (XT/ carbon bars/ seatpost helped, likely weighing in like a beefy Heckler). A considerable part of the downhill advantage seemed to be from the wider tires, front and rear. I run a wider front (2.3 only) than rear but think the original Blur's trail capacity would be greatly enhanced by the wider rear and comensurate wider tires with a switch to skinnys for the xc racing.
    The 4X bottom bracket seemed to be higher (I could look this up but it felt higher and is a definite plus). You will notice you have to ride more carefully, frequently ratcheting the cranks (or just nailing your pedals all the time as I tend to) in the narrow bits on the standard Blur than on your Heckler.
    The head angle on the blur gives a quicker front end than the Heckler but it is by no means twitchy and tracks well up and quite well down hill, just not so well as the 4X
    When I saw the brand extension of the Blur this year I thought I might have to switch rides but realized my own seems to fit the best. The LT seemed the most tempting but in reality the "light trail" of the original is adequate 95% of the time and I can hopefully adapt the other 5 %. i think the wide rear Blur sounds like a very good balance of needs.
    I hope this helps. (first ever reply!)


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    Thank you!

    I came to the same conclusion and I´m glad that I just got i confirmed by you. As of yesterday I am riding a Medium white blur, and although I´ve only been on a quick fine-tune ride I´m overly impressed! It pedals soo much better than the Heckler, is lighter, and the geometry is not at all twitchy. Also it is a tiny bit longer wich suits me just fine.

    I got a really good deal on this frame too.. My LBS took my old heckler an a few $ and away I was

    It is however a 2004 narrow-end blur, but I´m still able to put a 2.25 FastFred back there with some room to spare, so I think it should be OK.

    Regards // Emil

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