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    New question here. BIke for a tall guy?

    Ok I am looking for a Company that make larger sized bikes and strong at that...I am 6'8" 255 lbs. I am looking for a trail bike (hardtail) my last bike was a GT Karakorm (with some mods.) that I still have but would like to update. I have not been riding or following the progress of the sport for at least 4 yrs.

    I am looking in the range of $1200-$1400.

    Also were can I get 185mm cranks?


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    Definitely check out the 29er forum.

    I hope they're big enough for ya!


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    check over in the

    Clydesdale forum, you may be able to get a better answer there.

    Kona makes a HT for Clydes right in your $ range, you can check it out here.

    I don't know about 185 cranks, you'd be forever smashing the pedals on the ground and cornering would be a bit risky.

    Good Luck, Jim

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    Depending on the frame, you won't necessarily have any trouble running 185 cranks. Stop by your LBS, they'll be able to order you a set if they don't have any in stock.

    At 6'8", I would definitely recommend a super-sized 29er. Possibly an XL Karate Monkey or something from Gary Fisher. An X-caliber would be in your price range, but I'm not even sure the XL would be big enough for you, may not have a long enough top tube. You could also look at 29ers from Haro or Cannondale, or any of the other numerous companies. (Haro and Cannondale are a little above your quoted price range).

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    Found this thread when you did not show back up in the 29er forum. The DH thing had us a bit confused. But no worries, hardtail then. I'd go find a Fisher dealer and ride any Fisher 29er in size XL. If you dont think you can get comfortable on an XL Fisher with their long top tubes you are probably destined to end up with a custom frame. I'm 6'3" and will never ride a 26er again if I have any choice in the matter. So I'd obviously suggest to you that a 29er would be an even better choice for someone who is 6"8".

    If you decide that you have to go custom (good chance) my best suggestion is to get ahead of Walt at He builds some wicked nice bikes, mostly 29er's. His price of $950 for a basic hardtail frame is super reasonable as well.

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