Bike decision - Trek, or GT-
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    Bike decision - Trek, or GT

    Hi all this is my first post - just wanted to call on your experience. Im looking to purchase my first 'decent' bike and am sick of listening to shoptalker schpeel and need some experienced advice!
    Im looking for a hardtail preferebaly around 500- 700, mainly for cross country.

    So far im torn between the Trek 6500 disc and the GT Avalanche 2007. The GT Has juicy 3 brakes and ive heard these let it down, whereas the spec on the Trek looks pretty hot. What does anybody recommend? Would i be safe with one of these bikes?

    Oh and im also considering the specialized rockhopper disc 2007? Any help is appreciated
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    Ride them all if you can(for more than 5 minutes), in the dirt if they'll let you. You'll probably find that you like one more than the rest(as long as they all fit you).
    If you can't decide after that...look at component lists and pick the one with better stuff. Like the one with the best shock(because it's the most expensive part to upgrade).
    I think they'll all be ok.
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    I have an Avalanche. Bought it in December. So far i've got over 200 miles on it and i have loved every mile. No complaints at all on this bike. I highly recommend it.

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    I have two GT bikes. An Idrive 5 2.0 which was my first mountain bike and I really like it. Then I wanted a hardtail so I bought an Avalanche Expert for an incredible price. I bought it late last fall-early winter so I haven't been able to ride it too much. I have enjoyed it so far though. I would say the Gt would be a good buy. I am happy with both of mine.

    I can't say anything about the Trek bike as I have never rode one.

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    I love my 6500, but GTs are great also. I think GT's tend to last a long time, but I think Treks have less maintainance issues. Just stay away from Cannondale whatever you do! BTW have you looked at Gary Fishers?

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