Back in the saddle again-
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    Back in the saddle again

    Hey folks, I'm looking to get back in the game and was looking for some guidance and opinions. I'm not a beginner, but I haven't ridden much in many years. I used to have a '95 Voodoo Hoodoo steel hardtail that I built up. I rode it for many many years and absolutely loved it. I sold the bike back in March before I moved from Chicago to Winston Salem, NC. I am now looking to get another bike and would like some opinions. I am looking for another hardtail, and was considering a 29'er. But my riding style is (was) fairly aggressive and I used to like jumping stuff, hopping over stuff and otherwise just tossing the bike around on the trails. I am sure I'm not going to ride as hard as I used to, but I don't know if a 29 would fit my riding style. I am also on a rather limited budget. I would like to spend between $500 and $700 (can possibly stretch that a little higher for something worthwhile), so I was thinking maybe something used. I want to get something that is strong, but rather lightweight, has good components and can take a little abuse. Given the budget and my previous riding style... what do you think some decent options would be?

    37 yrs old
    hardtail (steel or alum.)
    XC, freeride
    Kona Kula? Voodoo again? Leader 516 frame from ebay? Looking for suggestions
    Bike shop (but leary of anything brand new that is good quality in my price range, ebay, or good used).


    - Geoff
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    Everybody and their uncle says 26er stuff is cheap because of the 29er craze. You are a heavy guy and will be hard on wheels especially for the riding style you like. You are on a budget. Find a used 26er.
    Craigslist? KIJIJI? E bay will be over priced.

    occasional cyclist

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