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    Any feedback on Fezzari Abajo Peak Pro mtn bike?

    Costco is selling them for $850 and was wondering if its worth getting.

    The Fezzari® Abajo Peak Pro mountain bike features a Fezzari Racing Design 4-Bar Link Premium Aluminum full-suspension frame, Shimano® LX 27-speed derailleur, Avid® disc brakes with Clean Sweep rotor technology, RockShox® Bar Adjust rear shock, RockShox Dart 2 Fork, and Maxxis® Larsen TT all-terrain tires.


    * Full Suspension
    o Frame - Fezzari Racing Design 4-Bar Link Premium Aluminum Frame
    o Front Shock - RockShox® Dart 2 3-way adjustable Fork with 100mm travel
    o Rear Shock - RockShox® Bar Adjust with preload and external rebound adjust, 100mm travel
    * Disc Brakes
    o Avid® mechanical disc brake system with Clean Sweep rotor technology
    * Drivetrain
    o Shimano® LX 27-speed derailleur and Truvativ® cranks
    * Wheels
    o Alex® rims, double-wall for durability
    o Maxxis® Larsen TT all terrain tires
    * Saddle
    o WTB® Speed V lightweight saddle, designed for comfort and performance


    * Color: Black
    * Frame: Fezzari Racing Design Technology, premium aluminum butted frame, sealed cartridge bearings, 100mm travel, replaceable derailleur hanger and water bottle bosses
    * Rear Shock: Lightweight RockShox® Bar Adjust with external rebound adjust, ensuring optimum performance for all rider weights and terrains
    * Fork: RockShox Dart 2, 100mm travel
    * Brakes: Avid® BB-5 Mechanical disc, 160mm clean sweep rotor
    * Front Derailleur: Shimano® M-510 Deore
    * Rear Derailleur: Shimano® M-570 LX
    * Shift Levers: Shimano® M-510 Deore Mega 9 STI
    * Crankset: Truvativ® Blaze Power Spline, all-mountain, aggressive cross-country, forged 1-piece
    * Bottom Bracket: Truvativ® Giga Pipe SLLT Power Spline
    * Rims: Alex® DH-20, aluminum alloy, diamond-shaped double wall, black anodized
    * Tires: Maxxis® Larsen TT 2.0
    * Saddle: WTB® Speed V Comp with high padding
    * Dimensions / Sizing:
    * Recommended Rider Sizing:
    o Medium Bike - Rider Height 5'2" - 5'7"
    o Large Bike - Rider Height 5'8" - 6’1”
    * Assembly: Fezzari bikes are completely assembled, tested, and adjusted in the factory; then they are partially disassembled for shipping. Consumer assembly is easy: attach the quick-release front wheel, seat post, handlebars, and pedals. Tools and Quick Assembly Guide are included and total assembly can generally be done in less than 10 minutes.
    * Website:
    06' Gary Fisher Cake 2dlx with Azonic MTN X Pedals
    06' Giant Reign 2 with Wellgo MG-1 Pedals

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    looks like a decent set of specs it uses the same frame(AFIK) as the KHS XC dual sus bikes.

    that said the thing i would be concerned about is the assembly make sure when you get it home that you go over every bolt on the bike and you may have to adjust some things too


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    Yeah...big issue is going to be assembly. If it comes assembled, don't even put it on pavement until you get it re-assembled by someone who actually knows what they're doing. If it's not already assembled, find someone who knows what they're doing (a shop or riding buddy) to put it together correctly.

    What kind of warranty are you looking at? How does Costco handle warranties, or do you have to go through the manufacturer for that? I've never heard of the brand, so I would be wary.

    While it seems semi-reasonable when it comes to price, realize that some shops will probably refuse to service it. Some shops outright refuse to service bikes that come from department stores (and Costco would probably be included on that list), so your service options might be limited. Furthermore, when you buy a bike at a shop, that bike is going to come with a service plan of SOME kind. Bare minimum is going to be a free tune up after roughly 100 miles of use. Some offer more.

    So, instead of looking at what you get for your money, in this case you should look at what you DON'T get.
    1. Free assembly by someone who knows what they're doing (you might get that, but only if you have a buddy who knows what they're doing...and even then, you might have to buy a case of beer and some pizza...a shop will invariably charge you at least $40).
    2. Straightforward warranty claims process/warranty duration
    3. Service plan
    4. Not every shop will be willing to work on that bike.
    5. Where are you going to get replacement derailleur hangers when you need them?

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    Forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is a Rock Shox Dart? What's the travel, build, etc? Is it a 2007 model or a "not available in the U.S." or OEM model?

    [edit] nevermind. answered my own question. It's a J replacement for 2007.

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    I bought the Abajo Peak about a month ago and it's really met my needs. I emailed Fezzari's customer support to ask some basics about the bike and they always responded within a couple of hours.

    This is the best bike I've ever owned (not really saying too much there); I've had a Haro Escape and a Trek in the past. Natehawk was right on the money when it comes to assembly though. My one point of frustration was with the initial buildI. Fezzari's website mentions a quick assembly time, however, I spent over 2 hours getting everything just right (luckily I have a bike stand so assembly was made a lot easier).

    I didn't expect the bike to be perfect out of the box. I had a limited budget and spent a decent amount of time researching my purchase. Now that I've got everything tweaked, the bike rides great and I'm having a blast.

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    Cool-blue Rhythm Abajo Peak, Fezzari

    The bike itself is heavy.... about 30 lbs if not a few more. However, it rides GREAT!!!!!! I have owned two crappy cheap bikes in the past, I then decided to get this one. It's really a great bike... it rides smoothly; its brakes are awesome (they stopped me from hitting a dumb kid today); and it rides very smoothly. So far, I cannot stop from riding it. I have not had a need to contact Fezzari's Customer Service yet, but from what I've read everywhere, Fezzari's customer service rocks!

    Oh, I should mention.... it did take me a couple of hours to assemble the bike. If you get it, make sure you look at the gear cables CAREFULLY!! I was not being able to get all my gears in track due to something not being in its place near the derailer.

    I hope this helps.

    Mr. Neras

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    The bike shares the same name as the abajo mtns in utah, home to some great mtbing.

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    Here is my review

    I bought one from them several weeks ago. I stumbled across them while looking for bike helmets on the Costco web site and called them wondering where I could purchase an XL frame size since Costco only lists the M, and L frame sizes. It turns out they are based out of Orem Utah (I live in Cedar Hills Utah, and work in Orem). All the other bikes with comparable components were about $500 more.

    When I bought the bike the rep asked me how much I weighted they assembled it set the rear shock for my weight and delivered it to where I work! The rep helped me set the seat height, I am very tall 6’5” with a long inseam and at proper adjustment the seat post was at the max extension mark. The rep brought me a 2.5” longer seat post later that day (Note. I did not ask for the longer seat post he took the initiative telling me it would give me some wiggle room with the seat adjustment, and even dropped it off at my work, and told me to keep the old seat post as a spare)! A week later I talked to the same rep again asking a question about a taller stem to raise my handle bars, and a stiffer spring for the shocks he told me they had stems that were a little bit longer and had a 17 degree rise (stock is 7 degree), and it would give me another 1 - 1.24 inches of height he offered it for free and even deliver it to my work and told me to keep the old stem. For the forks he said he would order me a heavier spring for $20 and when it arrived he would install it for free! Needless to say I have been very impressed with their customer service, granted they are local, but I have never had a local bike shop deliver any parts to me, or volunteer any extra parts for free.

    I have spent quite a bit of time on the bike in the last 3 weeks and have probably put 250 miles on it. I ride to work 2 – 3 days per week when the weather is nice which is a 19.2 mile round trip. I have also been doing longer rides on the weekends, and riding around the neighborhood with my kids. I ride either the Bonneville shore line trail (which is a mixture of loose single track, and old jeep trails) or a Dirt canal road when I commute to work.

    The bike is a dream to ride; it climbs well, and gives a comfortable ride on fast bumpy descents. My only complaint is the forks are a little soft for my weight (did I mention I am a big guy, with a bit of a spare tire) but like I mentioned I have a stiffer spring on order that should help quite a bit. The 23” handle bars were too narrow for me since I have very wide shoulders (I replaced the stock bars with some Azonic risers that are a little taller and 28” wide, which gives me rock solid control of the bike, and makes it really easy to shift my weight around).

    The tires (WTB Weirwolf 2.1) are a little over kill for commuting on a dirt canal road, but are perfect for the looser rocky stuff on the other trails near my house. The brakes work well I have done some very long steep descents in loose terrain (one was over 700 vertical feet over ¾ mile according to my gps) and they do a great job of holding me back and modulate well to prevent lockups. The bike shifts well even while pedaling under a bit of power provided the detailers aren’t gummed up with mud/gravel from a 2 hour ride in muddy conditions. I really like the rear air shock it gives a nice cushy ride and you can play around with it if you own a shock pump (I picked one up for $35).

    The rear suspension bobbed a little when spinning fast during climbs with the stock BMX style pedals but now that I have clip less pedals I have a much smoother pedal stroke, and don’t notice any bob except for when I am off the saddle on steep climbs.

    I have checked all the suspension and accessories bolts every week and the only one that has come loose is the one holding the saddle clamp (I was the one who installed the seat on this post so that was my fault). The wheels are true and the spokes are all tight, and have the same pitch. Over all this has been a great bike and for the price I paid an incredible deal!

    I have had tons of inquiries about the bike from coworkers since I keep it in my office when I ride it into work, one of my coworkers just bought one of their road bikes and is very happy and another is thinking about buying an Abajo peak, and a third was mad because he just bought a bike with lesser quality components for quite a bit more. I highly recommend this bike to any one looking for a mid range XC bike, at and entry level price. Next spring I will probably buy one of these for my wife so we can ride together.

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