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    angled Headset--> higher Botom bracket - should i do it?

    i'm thinking of using a angled headset on my Canyon Spectral 9.9. (68° to 66.5°) but the only one that fits is a Works component which replaces the lower cup to an external one. lifting the front of the bike with 13 mm. which would make the BB height with about 5 mm.
    i already have changed the fork from 130mm to 140mm.

    should i do it or not?

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    Personally I would not hesitate. But I prefer a slightly highish BB and slacker HA (65-66 zone). The 5mm lift will slacken your HA by about another half degree. You might not even notice the difference (66.5 vs 66) but if you could detect it, you might like 66 better anyway, depending on your terrain and riding style. I know I would prefer 66* in the places I ride, 65.5* even more.

    Edit: Oops, I misread. I thought the Works headset would elevate your bike's front end by 5mm... but it's 13mm. That's a lot more, would probably slacken HA by more like a degree, maybe even a bit more. As for the 5mm elevation in BB height, I still think that's a win/win.

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    An angleset will also lower the BB back down. You can use this to input the specs of your bike, -1.5 degree angleset, and add 13 to your fork length as the new fork.

    I think you'll find that it becomes close to a wash with the increase in fork height from the external bearing, but decrease in fork height from the lower head tube angle.

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    It's the slackening of the seat tube I'd worry about.

    But yeah, like acedeuce posted, the external cup raises, the angled cups lower. A height wash with a slacker hta is ideal.

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    thanks for the replies, i'll order them and just try. i'll keep you posted...
    btw, they are quit affordable:
    1.0 Degree ZS44-EC52 Angle Headset - To Suit Tapered Steerer Tube

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    Works makes quality products IME. Currently running their headset that adds 5mm to the reach, and does require an EC lower cup. So I got a tiny bit of reach, slacker HTA and STA, higher BB, and longer ETT. Makes the bike more playful (easier to lean back and wheelie or manual) although seated steep climbing is harder. Not an issue in Texas where the ups are short and you can stand and mash for climbs.

    It's important to crunch numbers, but more importantly observe how the bike feels before and after the change. I suspect you will like it.

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