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    All-Mountain Bike?

    So I am on the verge of getting a new bike for my graduation present, and i have around 2k to spend. Heres the problem, currently i have a kona roast which i used for dirt jumping and freeriding, but in my town we have a state forest with a whole trail network and the roast is just too heavy. I am looking for something that is a decent trail bike, but i could still do a little freeriding with. Yesterday i looked at the cannondale prophet 1000Z and i love the way it climbs and decends, and there is no doubt of its trailworthiness, but how much freeride do u think it could take? what else should i be looking at? im debating between something like a prophet, or something like a stinky and just stick to freeride and forget trails.

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    The prophet is good, but I would look into the Ironhorse MKIII. It is more burly this year and will handle some freeride abuse. Light enough to make it up those hills and smooth on the downhills.
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    Good job! How about a Dawg

    What about considering the Dawg Dee-Lux? I just got one of those puppies and it seems to be tailored to what you're asking for. A do-anything kind of ride. You still have the Roast for your more radical free ride rig.
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    Kona Coiler...

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    sorry but once again i must reccomend the sc heckler. does everything so good
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    Blur LT comes out in June - I would def. have a look at it before buying anything else.
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    Love my Heckler my wife has a 1000z and it has held up well even the down hill stuff we did in Quebec last week. Cedric has been using the frame for 4-cross the last 2 years. You may want to look into a burly set of wheels for the really big stuff Just lauched V2.0 with free shipping and low prices!

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