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    Aggressive hard tail or full sus enduro

    Hi, I'm looking for a little help deciding on a new bike, I am torn between a 2018 canyon strive or an agressive hardtail like a 2018 nukeproof scout, I currently have a 2008 trek top fuel 69er (90 mil travel in the rear 110 up front), and am looking for something that can handle rougher faster and steeper descents better, however I doubt that I will go to bike parks very often which makes me hesitant to go with the full on enduro which costs about 1k more. Any one else recently made a similar decision or upgrade?

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    A FS trail bike. You'll need full suspension before you need a long fork or sub 66* HTA. Some people like the aggressive hardtails and that's fine but for truly gnarly terrain the rear will have issues tracking long before you actually need a long fork or super slack HTA. I wouldn't buy a 170mm enduro bike unless I was racing enduro, going to bike parks a lot or lived somewhere with epic long descents. Those bikes are not fun on normal singletrack trails.

    Any modern full suspension trail bike is probably going to be incomparably more capable than your 2008 trek top fuel 69er. I strongly recommend demoing some bikes to at least figure out roughly what geo and suspension travel you want.

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    I've had two different slack HA65.5 27.5 hardtails and I would be riding the last one of them still, if I only rode loam or normal rocks and roots. If you ride places where it offers techy rocky/roots descents the FS trail bike just eats it up. You can still descent on the HT but trust us the FS just does it faster and more secure.
    The little you write about your place to ride your new bike I would go for a new geo FS 27.5 alu trail bike.
    Would go for max 150 up front.

    If you choose a more standard geo then go for the larger frame and shorter stem. New geo has pretty long reach and slack HA. I'm 6'2 and ride a large frame with 495 reach and a 31mm stem.

    You need to go test ride 😉

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    HT is great fun but no replacement for FS on techy descents.

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    Do you live in the Rockies or where trails are? How tough is your back? I'm an old guy with a bad back so full sus rules.

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    I live about an hour and a half from ski slope trails and have several trail centers within that distance. As far as the back goes that is fine but I didn't think about that I do have badish knees, maybe full sus will be the way to go after all.

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