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    advice for my sons bike

    My son and I are going to build a bike. I have most of the parts except the all important frame. my son is 12 turning 13 and still growing. plus his shoe size is 9, equal to mine.

    I am concerned on what size frame to get him. I want him to have this bike for a while, as it will be a little more special than your typical bike. (he will build a lot of it). He is about 5'5", and like I said, still growing.

    Give you an idea of genetics, his mom is 5'7" and his dad is 5'7". when I look at the grandparents, both granddads are around 6", one grand mom is 5'7" and the mom 5'2". I don't want to build a bike that will be to small in a couple of years (17/medium) and don't want to build one that is to big and potentially stays to big (19/large). any suggestion on the right path.

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    advice for my sons bike

    What kind of riding you plan on doing? Hard tail? You could
    Look at the bike manufactures guidelines and go from there. They all fit a bit different like different brands of shoes. Some run large/small. I have kids Feel your pain and have bought and sold many bikes

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    I'm assuming hardtail, to know the wheel size would be helpful.
    I'd use a Chinese carbon frame, and leave a bit of extra steer tube on the fork. When he outgrows it, just get a bigger chinese carbon frame and sell the old frame for $150 or whatever on whichever sales platform (craigslist?) you prefer.
    Although, head tubes are sometimes the same length in the newer small/medium carbon frames, so you might be able to go from Small to Medium with the same head tube length.
    My son is 14 and 6'3"+, so I know about changing bikes every year or so. We did a BXT carbon 29er frame (see the chinese carbon thread in 29er bikes), it turned out great and he's really happy with it, the frame was $242 shipped. We had limited choices because we were shopping XL, in smaller sizes you have a LOT of choices. I also 'made' him help with every step of the build, -same with my daughter and her XSmall 26er. Don't get too attached, bikes are temporary, he can help build the next one too, it's the memory and the learning process, not the bike.
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    planning on getting a hardtail. will likely start with narrower bars and widen the bars as he grows and fills out.

    This will be my sons second bike build. first time was when he was 7 or 8 and it took about a month to build, but every part on his bike, he has had a hand in.

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    As fast as kids grow, trying to build a future-proof bike based on guesswork is a waste of time.

    Build what is going to work for the time being and worry about a 'final' bike when he's done growing. As mentioned, bikes are temporary, specially kids' bikes.
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