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    About 5 options to repair carbon frames for fair prices

    Don't know if this has been posted, but here's a good resource for carbon frame repair. Let's try to keep the aluminum vs carbon vs.... debate to a minimum.

    Carbon repair: Options for repairing carbon bike frames

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    Great info thanks danK, I've been blessed with the strength and durability of carbon that I've not had any issues with them yet but it's awesome to know the options.

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    Great info!

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    There's also RRVELO (RRVELO)

    he's the guy who started the CF repair at Calfee and ventured out on his own. Small shop, good service, great repair....

    He fixed (perfectly) a S-Works Tricross i mangled....that was my fault (blah)

    and since then I have gouged the TT (dammit!). It's going back....
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    Thanks a lot for the info.... I just finished building up a carbon frame and it's nice to know that if it breaks, it can be fixed!

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    Bookmarked this thread. Thanks.

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    Very ambitious. I still can't seem to wrap my head around the repaired area being STRONGER than the rest of the frame... The strength of carbon lies in the integrity and uniformity of the weave, along with a bit of tension in the strands as well... but heck, at the price point, it's hardly NOT worth the try I suppose.

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    Sounds like there's a need for repairs that aren't covered under warranties.
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    We can help

    We can also help with any carbon fiber repair issues you have. My business partner and I are avid singlespeed mountain bikers with more than 20 years experience repairing composites, and it seems a lot of mountain bikers we meet don't realize that their carbon MTBs are completely repairable in most situations.

    You can get more information on our experience and service from either the Velonews article or our website below, but to address your concern Tigerider, indeed a repair can be as strong or stronger than the rest of the bike. That is one of the great attributes of carbon fiber, you can customize sections of a frame and lay it up based on the specific loads that part of the frame experiences.

    We've got a lot of photo examples of our work on our website, so go check it out or you can also see them on Facebook.

    Kurt Genshammer
    The Angry Singlespeeder

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