Original Thread

This is from my post in the Washington section of the forum, but I thought I'd get a wide variety of responses from people all over. I have decided that I am going to be purchasing a bike from Bikesdirect.com because I like the components and I have a limited budget. I have done a lot of research as well as look at reviews (both good and bad).

Okay so, looking at more bikes from BD, I think I have eliminated the hardtail Windsor from my list and will be going with the FS.

Now, it's between the aforementioned Ghost 6500 FS or the Dawes Roundhouse 2200 FS.

I think I like the look of the Dawes a bit more. I haven't been able to find much info on the fork: SunTour XCT v2 that has turnkey lockout. Would this be considered a better fork than the Rock Shox Dart 1 that comes on the Windsor?

What about the rear suspension? What's the difference between the coil suspension on the Dawes and the suspension on the Windsor?

Honestly, the rest of the components on the Dawes I like more than the Windsor. I'm concerned about the SunTour because Rock Shox is such a big name and I know SunTour is in there, but are they as good? Fork is my main concern right now, even though I'll probably be replacing it anyways by next spring.

I went to my LBS today with printed out pages of the bikes that I wanted and he confirmed that if I wanted something with those components it would be minimum $700-800 and then he tried ot upsell me another bike that was $1300 even though I told him that my range was $500 max. Then he said, "well the online bikes don't come assembled, so you'd have to bring it in and that would cost $55" and I informed him that the BD bikes come 90% assembled and my brother could help me put it back together. Was a bit frustrating, but I thanked him for the info about what a bike would cost normally with those components.