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    6'4" 225 lbs Newbie Looking for Suggestions $600-$800

    First post and looking forward to some feedback.....looks like theres a ton of info out there !

    I'm looking to upgrade my Trek 4500. I'm 29 yrs old, 6'4" 225lb, and my current Trek is a 22.5", and although comfortable on the road, the frame height is a bit high for the trails.

    Most of my riding is on the street through the city and on paved paths, with about 1 of 5 rides on trails (single tracks, etc)...nothing too extreme.

    Im looking to spend about $600-$800 on a hardtail with front suspension. I was never a fan of my Trek 4500 as it felt cheap and poorly put together. My Trek 820 from 10 years ago was more solid.

    Im located in Chicago and shopped around at some shops in the city and have narrowed it down to:

    Specialized Rockhopper Disc
    Cannondale F5
    Gary Fisher Tassajara

    Any other bikes that I should consider ? I didnt get a chance to ride these bikes, but each of them even in their biggest sizes, seemed a bit small.

    Any suggestions from mtbr members would be greatly appreciated.



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    Side note:

    One of the most important factors im looking at is weight. Prefer lightest possible

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    Good job! Welcome to the forums!

    Let's see if we can't give you some help here. I have a couple of concerns that your expectations might not be fulfilled given your budget. You're looking at 3 decent bikes, but I don't know that your weight expectations will be met. Bikes in this price range typically hover in the 30 lb mark. Given your height, it seems like there may be a fit issue also. If you feel the bikes you've looked at are a bit small for you, even in their largest size, that tells me there might be a fit issue in general, especially in your budget and with 26" bikes in general.

    Let's see if there isn't some light at the end of the tunnel though. If weight is an issue, check out some of the Motobecane offerings at www.bikesdirect.com. They offer some sub 25 lb bikes at very reasonable prices.Keep in mind that your weight will be a factor in the overall longevity of lightweight rides. The other thing I believe you need to consider are 29" wheeled bikes. 29ers are ideal choices for taller riders. The fit will definitely be better, but again, finding one that's lightweight that will not break the bank will be a challenge. The Ibex Section 29 is a good example. It comes in at about 30 lbs and will cost between $999 and $1099 depending on when you order it. It is comparable in quality of build and spec to bikes costing hundreds more Here's a link:


    As a last thought, give serious consideration to buying used. There are deals out there to be had so long as you're patient and pick your spot. Countless people buy new bikes each year only to have them sit around and collect dust. A year of sitting in the garage and they end up selling it at a loss. Check the classifieds here on mtbr, ebay and your local craigslist and you'll see what I mean.

    Best wishes in finding the right bike.

    'If Wal-Mart sold parachutes, who would jump?' Frank Havnoonian (quoting his father) Drexel Hill Cyclery

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    Bob got it right.
    I wouldn't recommend a 29er given your budget, but Craigslist is one of those things that I leave open and refresh all day, and I already have a bike I'm OK with.
    always deals to be had, and you can always look at the classifieds here and at pinkbike.

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    Look for a 20 mm axled marzochi ' 03 or later and put it on your hardtail of choice, nice used ones usually around 200. Very easy to set up via oil level and will not bottom out even at your weight and the control the 20mm will give you will open your eyes to possibilities. HT is HT but the front fork is what you really ride so spend accordingly

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    i just bought this bike today for $700 2007 jamis durango 2.0


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    I checked out some 29ers and like the size/fit better than the 26". Ive decided to up my budget to $1000. So far the Gary Fischer X-Calibur seemed like a decent deal at $1,150.

    Any other suggestions ?

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