I am looking at getting rid of my hardball cross country bike for a slack full suspension because I am more into hitting obstacles and riding hard than I am into xc races. I live in VA where it is mostly singletrack that is about 50/50 climbing to descending. I am looking for a bike that I can hit a drop or jump( nothing too big) and not worry about it surviving the landing. I am looking at the banshee spitfire which is has 5" and weighs around 30 lbs. I am also looking at the devinci dixon which is 6" and a little lighter at 29 lbs. Then there is the the norco range which has 6" but it is 35lbs and the trek remedy. How does the dixon compare to the spitfire in terms of pedaling/climbing? I am curious to hear y'alls thoughts on what would be the best.