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    29er, trail and fun racing

    Iím looking to build a 29er for trails and fun racing. Full suspension. Iím 55, 205, 6í, competitive x-SEAL. I ride to stay in shape. I road race motorcycles, used to moto-x, and have good bike skills. My weakness is climbs (no surprise at 205). I like a water bottle. Cost not issue. Have been riding carbon Farley with Mastodon and carbon bits, alternating b/t carbon 29+ wheels and fat ones. Done several races with that bike and have done well (2d in age) in modest fields. Say I donít care about winning until the flag drops and the red haze appears ...

    Would like sturdy but light (those are my 2). Based on experience, Anticipate xx Eagle drivetrain, Dt240 hubs (have 350 and live the quiet), Enve stem/bar, RF Next R crank, AB oval ring, and 2.5/2.6 tires.

    My LBS is great, Trek and Specialized. But Iím sure would build any frame. Was considering ordering Ď19 Fuel EX 9.9 frame, but having doubts.

    Mid-Atlantic, mostly xc type trails.

    Welcome opinions with experience/knowledge.
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