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    2017 Trek Remedy 9.8 creaking etc.

    Hey there everyone, I bought a brand new 2017 Trek Remedy 9.8 about 3 or 4 months ago and have had nothing but trouble with the damn thing.
    Literally the first ride out I noticed the gear changes were 💩 so I took it to a LBS and they tuned the gears and all was well. A week or 2 later a noisy back end meant I took it back to a LBS and they took the back end apart and noticed the suspension pivots etc were fairly dry looking so regressed then and away I went. A couple more weeks and again noises from the drivetrain so back it went and had some minor tweaks done. I then noticed a creaking/cracking/grinding noise from the headset so took it back and got a phone call telling me to come in and look at the bike. The headset bearings etc were rusty as all hell so they tried getting some of the rust off and regressed it. Within a few days the noise was back so Trek sent some new bearings and they were installed and so far so good. The back end again started creaking so Trek organised to have the bike taken apart and greased/inspected and I got it back a few days ago. I had my first ride today and itís still bloody creaking and groaning like an arthritic old man. Itís doing my damned head in, I paid good money and expect the bike to be enjoyable, not frustrating to use!!!!! I have a picture of the headset but have no idea how to attach the picture using my phone?

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    Yikes! It sounds like you got a real lemon. New bikes often have a few "growing pains", but nothing like this.

    If I were you, I would write some letters to Trek as well as some consumer groups. This is a high end bike you paid good $$$ for. It shouldn't have this many headaches. Even if you're not paying for repairs, you paid to have a working bike more often than not. You're not getting that.

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    I have been dealing with the head honcho for Trek in NZ and in the last couple days theyíve really stepped up and done whatís right. I agree I got a lemon and hold no grudges towards Trek. Other than the ongoing problems the bike is a beast and super fun to ride.

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