So I'm a 55yr old XC rider currently on a 2006 Ibex Asta size small, I'm 5'7" 157lbs and the frame may be on the small side for me since my wrists have really started hurting. I like technical singletrack and love to go as fast as I can, although I have gotten more cautious as I've gotten older. I've tried the SQlab 3OX 16deg handlebars and teamed them with Ergon GP1 grips and it's helped a little. At this point I can pretty much afford any bike I want and my 15yr old daughter wants to try a full sus bike so I'll give her my old one. Here's the question if I can get either one of these used for a decent price which one is spec'd better? Personally I lean towards the shimano brakes since I do all my own work and prefer working on them, but I'm open to give other components a shot. Here's how each one is spec'd:

2017 Giant Trance Advanced 1

2018 Giant Trance Advanced 1