Hey all,

I was pretty much set on getting the 2006 Fisher Mullet. When I called the LBS to order, the guy said that there was also a 2005 Bitter available for only $20 more. It seems like a pretty easy decision, I know, but the problem is that I will be riding it to class quite a bit and think that I would like the lockout feature on the 2006 Mullet splice comp forks. Also, I am worried about losing the speed of the large front sprocket for my commutes to class.

Anyways, main questions are:

1.) Which fork is actually better, the stance static on the '05 bitter or the splice comp on the '06 mullet? ( I know that neither is that great, but I'm not wanting to upgrade for about a year.)

2.) How much speed would I lose from not having that larger sprocket?

3.) What would you get?