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    2000 Litespeed Toccoa Upgrade or Buy New

    Hi all,

    looking for some feedback, I have a 2000 Litespeed Toccoa that i have had since new. Its been a long time since i was into riding serious, but use to be pretty good racer back in the day.

    However by bike is pretty dated, but want to see if it would be worth it to spend some money and upgrade or if i am better off buying something else.

    The bike was custom built back in the day to be lite I have TI cane creek wheels old Manitou Mars 1 air fork avid V brakes and levers Xt derailleurs, raceface crank set, and head set etc. but all from pre 2002 time frame.

    I live in Boston and looking into getting back into ridding more, i have been really just using the bike to cruise down the Charles river path for some exercise, and will not be signing up to do any more races. but i want to get back into trail ridding

    the question is it is worth it to upgrade my bike i;m thinking something like fork, wheels, disc brakes, components, etc.. and keep my bike or look into something new.

    I know little to nothing about the new bike market and it seems things of changed a lot since i was serious in the sport. lets say my budget was 1,000 bucks would i be better off spending that on upgrades or buying something off the shelf. if i went upgrades what way should i go? Fork and wheels brakes first? If so what might work with my older 26 set up to i keep vbrakes...is that even a thing anymore or go to discs?

    If i go new stay with 26 27.5 or 29 HT?
    Thanks, for the input

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    Personally, I'd keep and either just get it back into riding condition, or upgrade to newer components. It's still a great frame, and you can definitely upgrade it with better and lighter components. I still ride exclusively on 26, except my CX bike, there's no reason you have to upgrade especially with a classic frame like this one.

    A lot of this is preferential, so I'll just say the path I would take if this were my bike.

    If you do decide to part ways, this frame still has a lot of value, you don't need to craigslist fire sale this at all.

    Based on what you listed, I would swap the fork out first. Find a 2000 or 2001 SID on ebay, ideally in blue. The SID blue matches TI way better than the red or black SID colors IMO. It will immediately save you some weight and is a far superior fork IMO. 28mm rebuild kits are easy to find if you need to service it.

    If the frame doesn't have disc mounts, I'd stick with V's. They will be lighter no matter what. If these are still in good condition, just replacing the pads would do a lot. Otherwise, I'd go for some Avid SD 7 or SD SL levers and brakes. These are my go to V's. They're lighter and work better than and Shimano V's IMO.

    If you do have disc mounts and want to switch, I'd go XT M785 or newer XT hydros. They are just excellent performing brakes, easy to service, and about half the cost of XTR.

    Do you know what model crank it has on it? I'm assuming this is 8 speed as well?

    It's really your choice on this section. You could get new rings up front and a new cassette and chain if they're worn out. Same thing for the derailleurs if they're hurting. I'm assuming the shifters are still fine because the 8 and 9 sp XT shifters hardly ever wear out. Otherwise it's really easy to find new or great condition XT or XTR 8 and 9 speed components on ebay if you just want to refresh what you have.

    Otherwise, if you want to consider a whole drivetrain changeout, I would personally look at going 2x up front and 10 or 11 in the back if you want to do a full upgrade. You have a ton of options here, the newer XT stuff is very good quality and since 11 speed is out now, the 10 speed groupsets are very reasonable.

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    You really can't buy a modren 26" XC bike, so that's out. If you want a new bike, asking 27.5 or 29 is like asking "briefs or boxers?"

    I would put money into that bike if it fits you and you didn't have problems with it before. Can the frame and fork take disc brakes?

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    The bike is going to be steep, short in the top tube and probably long in the chainstays. Its old classic geometry. I wouldn't mess with it beyond a tuneup.

    I strongly prefer more modern geometry. Even a low to mid grade new frame would be preferable.

    I'd give a few new bikes a ride before you buy anything. The difference isn't small.

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    Keep it as a back-up and put as little $$ into it as possible. Pick up something nice used for your main trail machine.
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    I'd say get a modern air fork on the front (lowish price but good performance rock shox recon is a'ight)

    freshen up the cables, tires, chain, brake pads

    and ROCK IT

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