Alright, I'm actually a 35 year old roadie, but I apologize....

In the market for a MTB...for both singletrack and some racing in Minnesota. (Race the MN series and will also race Cheme Fat Tire 40) I'm a mid-pack advanced rider (who needs to replace his hardtail).

A few questions.
1) What are the differences betwen the Blur models. Blur, XC, LT, and 4x. I rode one tonight, not sure which...and was BLOW away. It was a 2004 with Reba adjustable front fork. Had it at 100, but would enjoy having adjustability. Which is most popular? The SC site is not very helpful comparing each model.....

2) How does the Blur compare with the Cake Deluxe 4x4 (duck for cover). I can get a hell of a deal on Trek products, so that might be an option. But, never ridden one personally.

Any bikes worth considering?? Please don't bring up off-name manufacturers as I won't be able to find/service.

Thanks in advance...and I'll post pix of some cute 18 year girls if I disappointed anyone.