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    '07 Specialized FSR Comp vs. '07 Cannondale Rush 4

    I just sold my 1999 Kona Kilauea and I'm considering a move to a full suspension bike. I'm most interested in the 2007 Specialized FSR Comp and the 2007 Cannondale Rush 4.

    I'd be interested in hearing feedback on these two bikes. If you have alternatives, I'd like to hear those as well. My budget is $2,000 and I do all sorts of riding (weekend warrior). I also spend a lot of time weight training, which makes me heavy for my height - 5'7" and 185lbs. Thanks much for your help.
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    I'm close

    5'10" & 190. I've a Stumpy Comp '06 that I'm very happy with, except the Avid 5 Brakes, now in for warranty replacement. Everything else on the bike performs exceedingly well in some pretty rough terrain here in Vancouver BC.

    I think the December issue of MBA looked at both bikes, but I can't remember for sure.

    I can tell you the Stumpy will serve your well, I don't know anything about the Cdale, sorry.

    best of luck, Jim

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    I think if you're going to compare full suspension bike you should start by comparing the suspension. The Cannondale is either a single pivot or faux bar suspension (which is basically a single pivot based on what I've read). The Specialized is a true 4 bar suspension.


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    jimmyK has a good point, but I think the comparing is best done on a demo ride, on trails that you know, so that you can get a good feel for how each bike handles the same obstacles and inputs. You can talk about suspension design till you're blue in the face, but the bottom line is how the bike FEELS when you're riding it.

    btw, I'm not condemning the debates over suspension design, as they're quite entertaining and informative.

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    My Trance Feeeeeels good when I'm riding it, and when I'm not it just sits the re looking pretty!

    Anyway I quite like Specialized. You could also check out the Giant Trance / Reign/ Anthem dependin on what you're after - usually great value for money and a suspension system that works well.
    There is heaps of others you could consider if the Canondale & Specailized aren't already your shortlist.
    Norco Fluid
    Kona Kikapu / Dawg
    etc etc

    The Trance even though it doesn't have as much travel as some still makes a great all round bike. Heck you can chuck a short stem on & do 4X, throw a long stem on & do XC or get a medium stem & ride some AM. I like yourself just get out on the trail & ride, maybe a few drops & jumps from time to time, enjoy the challenge of riding up hills when I get the opportunity. The Trance is my first dually so don't have a real comparison for you but all I can say is that I really like it. Set it up as a 1x9 & now it's even better! The frame is only a pound lighter than the reign so it's plenty strong.

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    I got the 07 Stumpy Comp about a month ago. Before that I was riding a "99" Homegrown hardtail with big tires, a riser bar and a cushy WTB saddle. I love that bike and will keep it forever. I'm used to climbing fast and riding a light bike. Also, I'm used to V-brakes that requre 2 or three fingers and incredible forearme strength and two flat tires/per ride and serious back aches after the ride. The new Stumby has changed everything. It's not as light, but that's ok. I had the shop do a tubeless kit and put Resolution Pro Dual Compound 2bliss tires on it. 4.71 inches at each end doesn't sound all that grand these days, but it feels like plush velvet to me. Also, it's not too much travel. I ride for several hours 3 or four times a week. As I get used to this bike I'm finding that I exploit more and more of the travel, but there is plenty left to explore. The bike weighs just under 30 pounds with the tires I put on it, but what it saves me with the travel/bump absorption makes up for the weight. One of my riding buddies explained it best by saying " I think you are riding faster because I am not keeping up, but there is way less drama in your ride." He is right. I cover the same stuff in a smoother, faster fashion. It's still just a bike though. Whatever you get will probably be awsome. I don't think they make many crappy bikes in the $2000 range. I was also looking at the Rush. I like C-dale a lot. The travel of the the Stumpy and the Horst Link are what sold me. I didn't ride the Rush though. If you really like it, ride it. I think that you will ride what pleases you asthetically more than something that is thought to death. Best of luck to you and congrats on the new ride, whatever you choose.
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    Go with the FSR XC pro if your looking to spend around $2000.00.The Cannondale isn't even in the same league

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    If he was looking for a XC bike he could pick up a Cannondale Scalpel 1000 for ~$2000 if it was a '06 closeout...

    The Rush is somewhere between the "all mountain" Prophet and the "cross country" Scalpel. I believe it's considered an endurance or epic style bike.

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