Hello, I'm currently considering the 4 bikes above and was hoping for advice on the selection. I'm 6', 160 lbs. The bike would be for light trails (hard packed with potholes and roots) and commute. Been without a bike for ~5 years.

From the LBS are the 07 Hardrock and 06 4300, both $400 (370+tax).

On Monday I'm looking at the two used bikes.

The first is a circa 2000 (99-01) GF Marlin (not sure of the size either), asking $350, but negotiable. In researching the bike I came across this recall for the 01 Marlin fork (Rock Shox Jett http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml01/01011.html) What would be a fair price for the 99-00 in "barely used" condition? Should I walk away if it's the 01, or offer less knowing I'm going to have to deal with the recalled fork (any idea how that would work since I wouldn't be the original owner?)?

Last is the circa 2000 Hardrock Comp 19" listed as having ~20 miles, asking $325.

I'm leaning toward the used ones since I'll be getting entry level components regardless, but can put the ~$100 to upgrading components as they die or to a new bike if I decide I enjoy the sport enough to save up for a better bike, at which time I'll have a better idea what I need and want. Service at the LBS appeared minimal - they would re-tune the bike after 30 days and then "you're sotra on your own."

Does this sound like a good idea? What would be a fair price for ~6 year old bikes, originally ~$600, that haven't seen much use?

Thanks for any advice or insight.