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    XTR Bottom Bracket and SLX Crankset

    Will a SLX crankset work with an XTR Bottom Bracket?

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    Bottom brackets/cranks have gotten so confusing that the best thing for these type of questions without lots of detailed measurements is to have you LBS deal with this to make sure you get the right things.
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    Before you change your SLX bb how about doing maintenance instead.
    Pull the crankset out, easy with a rubber mallet tap needed sometimes.
    On each side is a black plastic cover with Do Not Remove on it.
    Using a thin blade knife get under the outside edge, gently push in and out past the edge at another point, say 3 o'clock and 12 o'clock.
    Pry light to get a small amount of beginning movement. Repeat at 3 and 6, etc. and work the cover off. You can crack it if you try to pry too much at one spot.
    Carefully pry off the bearing seal you now see from the inside edge going around in steps. Do both sides.
    Stuff tissue in and repeatedly flush the race and ball bearings with Liquid Wrench or Kerosene until it they spin smoothly again.
    Take out the tissues.
    Test with the crank.
    Load it up with wheel bearing grease.
    Press on the bearing seal.
    Snap on the plastic cover. Tighten that plastic non-drive fixing bolt when you assemble the crankset.
    You won't be needing a XTR bb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millsj2 View Post
    Will a SLX crankset work with an XTR Bottom Bracket?
    You just need t match up the correct crank + spindle with the correct BB type.
    XTR BB93s are great.
    $35 give or take and a 3 year warranty.

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