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    Would you rather own a 2010 Giant XTC1 26" or 2011 XTC2 29"?

    The 29'er bug has hit me a bit. I own a very much same as new 2010 XTC 1 (26" of course) and I'm considering trading it for a 2011 XTC 2 29'er. While I'm far from an expert, I don't really feel I'd be losing much in the way of specs. I feel the Bomber fork on the 29'er has to be equal or maybe even better than the Tora. I know I should ride the 29'er & then make my choice but I'm healing from an injury and can't ride for another month or so...and the LBS has the XTC 2 in stock (in my size) & offered a sweet trade deal. So what say you experts...should I swap? Here are specs for both:
    2010 XTC1 26" http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/....1/3878/36270/

    2011 XTC2 29" http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/....2/7366/44092/

    If money was no object I'd get the new XTC1 in 29'er...maybe even the composite version (or even better, keep them both)...yet with wife & child, I simply have to stay on budget. I feel like I should swap the 26'er for the 29'er and not look back...especially after all I've read in the 26 vs. 29 debates.
    So...if you could have either...what would you do? Thanks for the help.

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    I had a 26" Kona hardtail I built up in October 2008 with a Tora Solo Air 9 (a fine fork in it's own right). I'm kind of a 'mate-for-life' type with bikes as I usually keep them for a long time. A friend had a Giant XtC 29er1 in my size in August 2009 that he let me ride and within half a ride, I knew my Kona 26" HT was going to be history. For me, it wasn't even close. I got to have the Giant 29er for a few weeks and inhaled the Kool-Aid Charlie Sheen on a mountain of blow.

    I bought a cheap Access XCL 9r frame and built up my own 29er HT and used the Marz 44 TST2 fork (the same one that comes on the XtC 29er2). Turns out that this is my favorite bike I have ever owned. My Kona was sold, and my 2006 Giant Reign hangs from a hook in my garage. I have ridden it twice since October 2009 and ride my 29er 4+ times a week.

    I will say that the gearing on a 29er took a few weeks to get used to while climbing. The larger diameter wheels take a little more effort to spin up and it's like losing a gear or two on the lowest end of the range. I worried about it a bit as I spend considerable time spinning up steep climbs in the granny gear.

    Now, I am a stronger climber than I have ever been. You learn to ride them a little differently to take advantage of their strengths and negate their shortcomings. Try to keep them moving (momentum is your 29er friend). I can also run much lower tire pressures and tires that are narrower and faster rolling. I am running 2.2" tires with less rolling resistance and can run pressures in the mid-20psi, where I used to run 2.3" to 2.5" tires with agressive tread patterns and tire pressures well above 40psi on my 26" bikes.

    I know. . . . . I am gushing

    So, since you asked what would I do?

    I'd go for the XtC 29er2 in a heartbeat, maybe faster. Personally, I think it's actually a better deal (for the money spent) than the XtC 29er1.

    But, since you are buying it for you and not for me, I always advise that it really would be best if you could sample any bike (on an actual trail) before buying it.

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    I agree you going to have to down grade some of the parts a bit, but it's really not a huge loss when you compare it to the greatness of the 29er. I used to ride 26ers all the time as a kid, but a few weeks ago decided to get back into riding again, went to the LBS with the intentions of getting decent a 26er, test rode it felt great, then made the mistake of trying a 29er once I rode one I knew I had to have one. So I ended up getting a good deal on a 3 yr old 29er with very low miles, I will never go back to a 26er for what I use it for.

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    I like Giant I'd go with this bike in the pic on top beautiful.

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