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    Would this be ok for a road bike

    I really dont want to go to a different forum. So I'll just ask here since alot of people ride roadies here. I'm just looking for something cheap to get into the sport. I email him about the size, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Its a Trek 1000, and hes asking $300. If I can get ahold of him, and its close to my size, I'm hoping to test ride it this weekend.

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    it wouldn't be a bad bike if your just looking for a decent road bike to ride. I have a 2009 trek 1.2 its a decent bike however i have gotten so addicted to road riding its time to get a nicer and lighter bike.

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    Keep in mind there's a good reason that road bike frames are offered in more sizes than mountain bikes. "close to my size" doesn't cut it. You can fudge the fit a little more on a mountain bike, but if you're looking for any extended saddle time on the road, you'll want a perfect fit.

    I don't know anything about that bike and if it is a good deal, just make sure whatever you get fits properly or you will really regret it.

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    It has pretty low level parts but the price is not too bad IF EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECTLY. It has an "8-gear" drivetrain. Not sure how available parts are. Going to 9 or 10 gears in the back would mean replacing almost everything in the drivetrain.

    Sizing really matters too. Can you go and see it for yourself?

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    If the size is right, continue. If the size is not right, look for something that is sized right.

    It's not a bad rig for entry level. It retailed for $579 in 2004. The Sora 8 speed stuff is OK. I actually like the shift mechanism on those. It's like the Campy Record with the thumb button/lever on the inside of the hoods to shift from large to small cogs and the brake lever handles the downshifts.

    The aerobars would cost $100+/- (new), so that makes the $300 asking price more reasonable, especially if you're going to use them. If not sell them to recoup some dough.

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    Fit is absolutely the most important aspect on a road bike. Frame sizes run in increments of 2cm (as opposed to mtn bike's 2")

    You'll want a bike that you can pretty much adjust the saddle and seat post and be off and riding. No upgrades or modifications. When parts wear out, sell it. If you like road riding, get a new bike.

    As perttime pointed out, 8gear drivetrain is hard to find on road bikes.

    Sora is equivalent to Alivio
    Tiagra = Deore
    105 = LX
    Ultegra = XT
    Dura Ace = XTR

    On the SRAM side
    Rival = Ultegra

    On the Campi side
    Mirage = 105
    Centaur = Ultegra

    Or there abouts.

    Drivetrain really don't wear out as quickly as on a mountain bike. But cables develop friction, cogs get worn out and chain stretch. So less things to go wrong. But when they do go wrong, it sucks to ride them.
    Just get out and ride!

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