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    What frame size am I ?

    Hey I am 5.97 feet or 1.82 meters. What frame size bike should I be looking at? Number and letter please. Like 18.5 and Medium. I bought a Large specialized and I don't know if its too big.

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    whatever feels right? when i bought the bike i have now, i was really getting caught up on the frame size and standover height. The truth is that all manufacturers are different and all people are different. A medium trek might be a large specialized. I'm 5'7 with a 29" inseam and ride a medium (18.5") Giant. From what i understand, the most important measurement is from the handlebars to the seat. Anyway, your legs, arms, and torso might be a different length than someone else that is your height.

    The best bet would be to get fitted at your LBS for a new bike. Either buy that bike new or find a used one of the same model and size.

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    It is different from person to person. My friend who is an inch shorter than me likes his bike 2 sizes smaller than mine. You just have to see what is most comfortable for you.
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    It depends on your leg/torso proportions but a large(19") Specialized is about right. If your last bake was too small this new one may feel odd until you get used to it. Even though the frame may be correct for you the combination of stem & handlebars may not be. Try riding it for a while.

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    I'm 5'10 w/ 32" inseam and I ride a 19" (large) frame.

    I have several friends who are my height who rides mediums, but they are heavy set guys with shorter legs. So it really depends.

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    6'3" 33" inseam. My HT Giant is a medium frame, my rigid SS is a 21 inch frame. Both 29ers. It's all in what is comfortable to you

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