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    Went Trail Riding Today First Timer

    Okay I went for a ride today at some four wheeler trails near my house I had to air down immediatley tire spin! What tire pressure yall run off road? Also how in the hell do you climb a hill? I kept wheelying to high a gear perhaps or not enough of a run? Do you have to have a good run at a hill before climbing it even small ones? Other than that it was amazing I can't wait to go out again downhilling was a rush! Any opinions on trail riding would be a great help?

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    Well, generally between 35 and 45 pounds depending on how big you are. I weigh 240 pounds and I use 45 pounds. To keep from lifting while sitting on a up hill lean forward so your weight is more centered.
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    Redneck - How much do you weigh and what pressures were you running? Also assuming your tires are not tubeless?

    For climbing, there's many ways to do it. For your problem, it sounds like your weight is too far back when you're trying to climb. Try moving forward on the seat, and depending on how steep the hill is, leaning down and forward over your handle bars. If you find that your rear wheel starts slipping, it's most likely that you're too far, so adjust back a little bit. Keep trying until you find a position that works

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    I weigh 140ish and have 20 pounds up front and 25 in the rear.

    Vtolds is right about weight distribution. It can also be a bike fit issue - if it's very difficult to keep your front wheel down or keep it from wandering, you can try lowering your bars, usually done by re-ordering your stem/spacer stack and/or flipping your stem, or using a longer stem. I also use barends, but they're not exactly fashionable right now.
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