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    Want to commute to work in winter months, not sure what the best bike would be.

    As the title says, i am looking to start riding to work during the winter. I am not sure if I will start soon, or wait until next winter. I ride during the spring through fall months. My distance woudl be around 10 miles each way. I have been looking at getting a Fat Tire bike, but now I am thinking maybe something different. I am planning on there being everything from snow, slush, to all out ice along the way.

    I am also looking at the clothing options, but will wait until I actually get a bike.



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    You would find yourself at home in the Commuting Forum.


    You're going to find a LOT of opinions on this. There are folks over there who winter commute on road bikes, regular mtb's, and yes, fat bikes. The farther north they live, the more likely they are to commute on fat bikes.

    My commuter is a Salsa Vaya frame that I built up as a 1x10. I have a part time job that's about a 20 mile one-way commute (about 41-42mi RT), and I bike that trip occasionally. Usually on Sundays when I have the time, traffic is low, and I get out of work early enough that there's minimal nighttime riding. I am working on a couple of job opportunities that would have a much more reasonable 6-7mi one-way commute. If you'll be riding on ice, you'll want a good set of studded tires. They'll be pricey, but will last you at least a few seasons. If I had been bike commuting this winter, I'd have bought some studs. It's been especially snowy this year, with a lot of the bike lanes and side streets very icy.

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    Thanks for the reply. I found teh commuting forum, after I posted...sorry.

    Mods, please move to the commuting forum.


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    A fatbike would definitely give you better traction in the loose snow/slush stuff.

    I ride a rigid 29er with wide tires and low air pressure during the winter for my commute. the 29er gives it a larger contact patch, but you have to be pretty careful in the ice and really deep stuff. I have my fare share of falls.

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