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    New question here. Types of Riding

    I remember back a few yrs ago when bike magazines use to mention only a few riding styles... like XC, DH, and Freeriding

    Now i m noticing terms such as Enduro, Trail Riding, Black Diamond....etc

    Can someone give me da hoedown on some of these terms that I m not familiar with? and some other important key terms?


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    Well first off a 'hoedown" is a type of dance and was usually rural in nature and took place in farming type communities.

    Enduro to me is still off road motorcycle. Trail riding = XC riding and no amount of industry hype will change that. Black Diamond directly relates to the severity of a trail just like in skiing where the different slopes are rated by difficulty(eg: green = beginner, ?=intermediate, single diamond, double diamond, etc).

    Oh and fyi it's "lowdown" not "hoedown". Unless this is some new generational *******ization of existing words I can't keep up with.

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    Not sure but I think...

    In my magazine reading, enduro seems to be attached to bikes and trails that are a little more challenging- like freeriding. Black diamond speaks for itself. Trail riding is a generic term for your basic mountain bike XC riding- but not racing. Trail ride bikes tend to have more suspension travel and heavier than racing bikes, but better for longer excursions.

    Eh, don't matter, just ride and be happy!

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    two main types

    1. Real Riding, in which riders need fitness and thus must ride often enough to maintain it, so they can pedal uphill as well as down; and
    2. Idiot Riding, which requires only a motorcycle with the motor removed, a shuttle vehicle to get it to the top of the hill, and rude manners so as not to be bothered by freaking out every other trail user on the way down. No fitness required, ask Shaun Palmer.

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