Transitioning from old 26" HT to less old 29" FS-
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    Transitioning from old 26" HT to less old 29" FS

    Just wanted to share my experience from riding a 26" hardtail and recently riding a 29" full-suspension bike.

    The bikes: 2005 Gary Fisher Tassajara 26" HT, 2013 Cannondale Trigger 29 2.

    Background: Bought the HT new in 2005 didn't ride much for various reasons, then started riding again about 4 years ago. Got the FS as a hand-me-down just this past April.

    The trails: primary trail ridden is pretty smooth but lots of fun with alternating climbs and descents with fast banked turns; I'll just call this one 'flo'. secondary trail ridden has rocks, roots, and a bit more level, but still has it's share of climbs and descents; I'll call this one 'chunk'

    The experience: when I only had the HT I preferred riding 'flo' as the level of trail matched my skill on the bike. I wouldn't ride 'chunk' as much as I ended up walking uphill alot and got caught up in a lot of places even where level or descending. When I got the FS I took it to 'flo' and found myself riding significantly faster. I took the FS to 'chunk' and same thing; found I got through the trail faster, with less walking, and didn't get caught up as often. I now enjoy riding 'chunk' much more and it's pretty much 50/50 on which trail I ride.

    The opinion: The FS made 'flo' less fun to ride even though it seems I ride faster. I feel like I have to push for more speed to get that same fun-factor. The FS made 'chunk' more fun to ride as it accommodates my lack of skill.

    The issue: I was considering getting rid of the HT when I got the FS, but now I find I'm grabbing the HT when I go to 'flo', so instead I reconfigured the garage to make room. I also better understand the 'N+1' concept and am afraid to try a different type of riding.

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    Great to hear you are still rocking 26" wheels! Definitely doesn't hurt to have 2 bikes for different trails. I actually rock a set of 27.5 x 3" tires for some of my rides and switch to 29 x 2.4" for other rides such as gravel pounding. Luckily my bike accepts either wheel!

    You may end up enjoying the 29er more for the flow trails later on down the road. For now, you have a great reason to have 2 bikes!
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