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    Tire question

    Hey all - for the couple of months of death in AZ, being July/August, my bike, 2011 Giant Trance X4 had sat in my bedroom. I was running the stock tires, Kenda Nevagels tubeless with some Stans on the stock wheels, which obviously were not tubeless wheels.

    My tires went flat on me the other day after not riding and I went and bought some more Stans and tried to seat the tire but it was a no go. Talked with a couple of guys and they said the tire will be a lot less likely to go flat if I bought true tubeless tires with the Stans inside.

    With that explanation, here is my question - will tubeless tires work ok on my non tubeless rims? I'm a pretty light rider at about 145 pounds but l do enjoy the rocky trails out here. If this will work, any specific tires you would recommend I pick up? I'm noticing the tubeless are quite a bit more expensive. Thanks in advance

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    If you let your bike sit for two months the tires are going to lose pressure and/or go flat. It just happens. Check the bike and pump your tires back up when they start going soft and you won't have problems.

    Tubeless tires work just fine on regular rims but they'll still lose air. Seating the tire is a whole other issue. Different tire & rim combinations are easier to seat than others. I use a compressor or CO2 to seat the tire but I know people that can do it with a floor pump.

    If you like the Nevegals I don't see any reason to but new tire unless they are worn out or you don't like them.

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    ^^^Just what jlmuncie said. I'd just add that tubeless tires are also heavier.
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    My learning curve period with Stan's before I have the air compressor was the seating as well. It's hard to bead both side at the same time I put a tube in it and pump it up to bead both side then take the tube out from only one side leave the other beaded, it's much easier to air up this way.

    Be sure to follow the stan's installation vid, take your time to pat down tire, apply soapy water, and rest the tire on the bucket. Works for me everytime.

    One more thing to add the ride of the UST Nevegal and the converted one is not the same on top of the additional weight. The converted std is softer and more conforming to the terrain and grippier as well at the price of less durability.

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    this could be a bit off topic but. can you buy tire liners that protect from cactus?

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    Tire sealant woud be better than tire liner lighter as well.

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