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    Taking my bike in for first tune up.. Qestion

    Im new to mountain biking and i bought my first bike brand new in July. Now at the beginning of September , I have almost 200 miles on her. I figured now is a good time to bring it in for its first complimentary tune up. Is it good practice to clean the bike and components before bringing it in? I would think that it would be easier on the mechanic to tune up the bike if its clean. Any thoughts / advice / recommendation?

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    Definitely don't clean it. You want to simulate trail conditions as closely as possible so that the mechanic can tune it specifically for your trail riding conditions. If you clean it he won't know how your bike needs to be setup. Also the amount of dirt on it will give him an indication of whether you really have put 200 miles on her. If you tell him you've done 200 miles and bring in a sparkling clean bike he'll assume your telling porkie pies and won't bother servicing it.

    The amount of mud on a bike is crucial to a good first service.

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    Wash it, wax it, Armor-all the tires and hang little pine tree air fresheners off of the handlebars. Some fine wine in the water bottle is a nice touch as well!

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    Re: Taking my bike in for first tune up.. Qestion

    Most mechanics appreciate the effort I would think.

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    It's always easier to tune a clean bike, as a former wrench I can say that most mechanics would appreciate it.

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    Hose it down and get any surface dirt off it.

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    IMO if you bring it in looking like crap they will think you don't really care about the bike. When I took mine in for a tune-up it was perfectly clean and I told him the truth-I rode it a ton of times so I cleaned it up.

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    A lot of tunes include cleaning. But it never hurts to make someone else's job easier. I'd probably try to get the loose dirt and crud off with a dry rag.
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