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    surviving holes

    Keep the front end light, be prepared to tug upward on the bars. Once your front wheel clears any obstacle (be it a hole, divot, log, rock, root, whatever), the rear wheel will follow.

    Also make sure you follow you fork's sag settings- sag is negative travel or the room left for the fork to expand. This expansion works just like compression does to upward motion: but allows the wheel to track the ground even when the bottom suddenly drops out.
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    surviving holes

    Maybe you know the feeling, your front wheel drops away into a foot deep hole perfectly matched to swallow your front wheel, followed by a handstand on the handle bars or worse. I'm trying to develop a mental picture of how best to deal with these events. Let me know if you've got any other ideas.

    1) detect and avoid where possible

    2) setup is key:
    - low CG, attack position, arms bent, weight on pedals and minimal weight on hands, tires inflated, seat not too high

    3) performance of save
    - actively push wheel down during drop to avoid rotating body into hole
    - at bottom, lift wheel up and forward, lunge bike forward and up under body as much as possible

    Anything else?

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    Momentum is key... Don't let the front wheel get stuck!
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    My front wheel got swallowed by a deep hole covered in mu at diablo a few weeks ago. Front wheel didnt move at all once it went down into it so i got shot off the bike into said mud, right under the lift. It was embarrassing to say the least. I was then able to be coated in mud as my prize.

    Tips: lean back just before the hole and lift up on the bars to have the momentum go slight up and across the hole instead of down into it

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    Manual, bunny hop, pedal-up.

    It makes me a little nervous if I bugger up my timing and float my front wheel over a hole or water bar and then plow my rear wheel right into it. But I haven't actually pinch-flatted doing that yet. Still, better to have my weight off the rear wheel before it hits.
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    If you see it coming, try to manual over it. But I get the feeling you're talking about suddenly dropping into something you weren't expecting. I've found over the years that I've developed an automatic reaction to unexpected obstacles. My butt comes off the seat and drops rearward while my torso stiffens to unweight the bars. Then the front end is free to rise or drop without taking me with it. Adding a lunge my help move the bike over and out of the hole (or over the log or rock). Can't say this always works - it's a last possible instant kind of reaction. I've had my share of sudden unexpected stops with resulting endos.
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    excellent advice...unfortunately when I hit a hole I never saw it coming.....I guess the best advice is never bomb down unfamiliar trials until you have had a chance to check out all the features first

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