Solar Powered Backpack - Freakin never realized they're awesome.-
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    Solar Powered Backpack - Freakin never realized they're awesome.

    I never forget to charge my backup phone every two weeks, especially before a long drive. But yesterday I was down to like 3%. Hell I forgot to give my phone some juice. I was just praying the phone doesn't die on me before we arrive to the next city.

    Well long story short, I saw a guy biking with the group, who at first I thought, had a black mirror, that looked like a sliced pizza on his backpack..Lol.. Later on I realized it was a solar charger. Freakin-A this guy came prepared. I had him charge my phone back up to 22% over the next few hours as we were driving.

    Well anyway, I never knew that you can get bags with solar chargers nowadays. I must have been sleeping under a rock or something.

    Anyway, the bags looked like this (I don't own the image)./

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    3 hour drive + car charger = 100% charged phone
    Solar charger + 3 hours = 22% charged phone
    car charger that fits in cigarette lighter socket = $5
    Solar backpack or panel = $100

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-one1 View Post
    3 hour drive + car charger = 100% charged phone
    Solar charger + 3 hours = 22% charged phone
    car charger that fits in cigarette lighter socket = $5
    Solar backpack or panel = $100
    Not having a phone to be bothered by all of this = priceless
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    I saw one of those a while ago. Seems extremely limited-use - you'd have to be cycle touring or backpacking somewhere with no power, but with cell reception.

    What are you doing that you need a backup phone but can't charge it while you're driving?
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    Day-to-day charging isn't an issue at all. I can find an outlet SOMEWHERE that I can plug in. If I don't have a charger on me, there are even places out there now that have chargers you can use/plug into. But if you can't find that, it's no biggie to buy another one.

    Solar chargers aren't worth it for remote portable use, IMO. To be big enough to be useful, they become a burden to haul around. They're better suited to stationary use. Mobile charging on a bike is best accomplished with a dynamo hub.

    I was at the North American Handmade Bike Show over the weekend, and there was a company exhibiting a module they sell that plugs into a dynamo hub and gives you USB charging. One of their products was a stem top cap with a USB port on it.

    But I agree that I ride a bike because I like the simplification. I like to document my rides, so I carry enough tech for that. But otherwise my gizmos are off and packed away, or left at home.

    The first link in your post seems awful spammy, what's with that?

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