In Houston, we have the Greater Houston Off Road Biking Association (GHORBA) and they hold MTB skills clinics 3 or 4 times a year for about 3 hours at a time. In those clinics, we ask the participants to break-up into three groups - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. What is taught in the groups depends on what that particular instructor (a volunteer) finds important and, as you may guess, folks receiving "intermediate" from one instructor may learn about different topics than someone else taking an "intermediate" course from another instructor.

In an attempt to minimize this, and to give participants the ability to pick and chose topics ahead of time, there are discussions about setting agendas for each class and advertizing those agendas ahead of time. For example, you may take the cornering version of the "advanced" class in the spring but the summer offering will be riding technical trail features.

So, my question for the group: how do other mountain bike associations and clubs teach MTB skills? In a similar fashion to what I've described? In a one-size-fits-all session? Some other way?