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    Seat Slide

    Still new to this and trying to fine tune my comfort level. It seems when I'm on flat ground and pedaling all out in higher gears, my butt tends to slide forward in the seat. I constantly adjust by standing and moving to the back of my seat. I've tried some upper height adjustment with the seat, but that makes it more difficult on the hills. Should I look at adjusting the angle of the seat?

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    I would say that you could play with the angle of the seat a little bit, maybe tipping it nose high, but I don't know if it will help your issue. If you talk to TT or tri racers, they are always looking to pedal "on the button" which is a nice way of saying they basically sit on their gooch right up at the nose of the saddle. So in my mind that could mean that when you're really just trying to mash out the big gears, your body naturally wants to find that position. I say let it slide and find it's own happy place.
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    what zebrahum said!

    a few weeks ago during a forced lay off from riding due to injury, i decided to "service" my bike. i ended up not returning the seat to its original position and the next ride was awful. i was sliding forward, having to stand to readjust myself... by the end of the ride my thighs were twice as tired as normal from having to hold the extra weight, my hands hurt and my taint was sore! tip your seat back.

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    You have the right idea...fine tune for your situation.
    Don't over compensate - make small adjustments until you find what works best for you.
    As you get more experience, you will probably find that depending on the situation, you will want to slide forward or back on the seat...I move back for long higher speed grinds (more aerodynamic) or downhills, and I move forward for tough, steep climbs (compensate for steep pitch of terrain to keep front wheel down). You need to find a happy medium for seat position.
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