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    Smile Saying hello, couple questions (fork and pedals)

    Second post, first in Beginner's Corner.
    JONG away.

    I bought an '03 Trek 4500 last year but only started to ride it offtrail about a week ago, in the SF presidio. Have really enjoyed riding it offtrail and learning to ride on rocks, over logs, hop up larger curbs, etc..

    I'm beginning to look to upgrade. 2 things that come first for me:

    a) Pedals. I need clipless, but I want a platform around them. The two I'm looking at are the Crank Bros Candy SL and the Crank Bros Mallet C. Opinions? I know the mallet is much heavier but is it worth it? I think I'd like to be able to ride unclipped in sections as I'm not that comfortable riding techy sections of trail clipped in.

    b) Fork. The Judy TT is not cutting it. It's only like 30mm of travel and mostly all it does is compress under braking. I want something that I can bring to my next bike (potentially) but I'm not sure how much travel I need (80? 100? 120?). Based on the fact that I'm riding a hardtail, I'm interested in XC forks - thats the type of riding I think I'll be doing for a WHILE. I'm thinking (from others suggestions) maybe the Black Elite or the MX Comp or MX Pro? Help?

    Thanks! Good to know there's a whole forum dedicated to the biking side of things instead of just the TGR sprocket rockets section <-- The maggots HAVE been invaluable to me for advice though. Thanks to you klowns!

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    Alright seems to me you already know your stuff.
    You can't really go wrong with either pedal, if you want to occasionaly ride your bike without needing to put on your 'special' shoes then get the mallets, otherwise the candy is a great pedal.
    For the forks, Both of those..Blacks and Marz or great forks. If it were up to me, I would go with the Marz, they are known to be of higher quality and more durable. Downside to them is the will probably be heavier, but there is nothing wrong with Blacks if you can find a deal on them. But if the blacks and Marz forks were the same price, I would go for the Marz.
    About travel, I wouldn't go over 100mm. I believe your bike is designed around a 80mm fork, but you could put a 100mm on. I would not go over 100mm though.
    Hope that helps.
    And if your upgrading for weight savings, the best place to start is with new tires/tubes and then new wheels.

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    If you're going to be trying tougher obstacles, the mallet is the way to go. The candy just will not hold your foot if you are clipped out. The weight doesn't really matter.

    Both the Marz options are really good. I have the dual coil Marz (like the MX Comp) and it is a fantastic fork. It seems to be more of a high speed fork though. At less than 10mph, it's pretty stiff. Over that and it's like buttah. The Pro is definitely more compliant at lower speeds, but I have not had the oppurtunity to take it real fast yet. The 80-105mm should work fine for your frame. Your steering will be a bit slower, and you will wheelie on the climbs a bit easier if you don't have the eta, but no big deal. 120 is overkill for a hardtail, and would make your bike handle like crap.

    Dude, you are going to be loving life when you get the new fork. Be careful the first couple of rides. You will be going a hell of a lot faster than you are used to.

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