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    Bonking ... not feelin' well Sand in my bike...

    Hi guys... I just lubricated my chains a while ago so it can run smoothly. But on Wednesday, I went riding and there are sand stinking in the chains and now it affected the "dérailleur" and cassette...

    is there a not expensive way of removing the sand grinning in my chains??? Is starting to annoy me and I don't pedal as smooth as usual. In fact is worst! I should not have lubricated them, otherwise I would not have this problem.

    Please help...

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    Hopefully you are using a lube that is dirt/sand resistant. (Note: I said resistant, not proof.) You can find a variety of these lubes at your LBS.

    The inexpensive way of cleaning it is with a rag, toothbrush, and degreaser. It is time consuming but the results are good.

    I would highly recommend not going without lubricant, unless you want to replace drivetrain componentry more often than those who lube up. And that would be more expensive than getting a good chain cleaning kit.

    If you ride in sand alot, then you are gonna have to get used to doing this. If you clean your chain and lube it after EVERY ride, it may be a little more manageable.

    Hopefully this helps....good luck.

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    Hold on a minute....

    with the MANY "dry" or wax based lubes out there there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON that you should NOT lube your chain!!!!!

    To clean the chain of sand and grit a Park Tool Chain Cleaner works very well. Put the recommended amount of degreaser in the tool, close it and back pedal the drive train. Might take a few times to get the hang of it, but the system works pretty well for getting grit out of the chain. Rinse with water after cleaning and let the chain dry or blow it dry and you're in business. If you don't want to spring for the cleaner then the tooth brush and degreaser method works as well.

    As for not lubing the chain, you'll replace drive train components more often if you don't than if you do!!! My favorite lube is White Lightning. It is a waxed based lube that dries (the wax is suspended in a volitial solution that evaporates and leaves the wax behind)after application and leaves a dry waxy film that sloughs off as it gets dirty and keeps the chain clean. Also, because it is dry it doesn't attract dirt and sand like a wet lube. There are other waxed based or dry lubes for your chain that work as well. Another advantage is you don't have to clean the chain before every application either. Just re-apply after every two or three rides (sometimes more depending on conditions), wipe off the excess, let dry, and your good to go. After about the fourth or fifth application (again depending on conditions) clean the chain and drive train again and start over. Believe me, your chain and the rest of your drive train will be MUCH happier and last significantly longer with a properly lubed chain than if you run it dry! Just keep in mind that it will take a bit more work to keep things running smooth in sandy conditions. The usual and best clue that it's time to clean things up is sound. A clean drive train runs pretty quiet. A dirty one makes more noise than normal and can lead to performance issues. If you are going to run in sandy conditions you'll need to clean and lube more often, it's a fact of life. The use of a good dry or wax lube will help allot, but you're still in for more work. But the reward is a better performing and longer lasting drive train. Well worth it in the long run.

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    Parktools brush kit, a degreaser and you get yourself some clean drivetrain action.

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