Saddle question.-
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    Saddle question.

    I have a Trek 4300 with skinny road tires. I mainly use my it bike for pleasure riding in the city. Only twice a year it actually gets used as a mountain bike. Any how, I have a problem with my saddle. My rear really really hurts after a few miles in. I've tried padded underwear that came with my loose bike shorts.

    I ride about 7-10 miles each way but want to start doing longer rides.
    I have tried
    "Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle"
    "WTB Rocket V"
    I've never been fitted, I've watched videos on youtube and I have had my friend try to adjust my saddle as well.
    I am 165lb 5,9" average build.

    I dont know what to do at this point. Should I go spend at least $50 to be fitted at lbs or maybe I should try Brooks b17 saddle? Any one else had this problem?

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    Have a read through this.

    Saddles are by far the most "personal fit" item on a bike, so just to recommend a saddel is practicly impossible.

    Best bet is to find a LBS that let you try out diff saddles for more than a spin around the shop.

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    Another "my butt hurts" thread...

    Try this recent one:

    "it IS possible that you are faster or slower than anybody else who is having at least as much if not more or less fun"

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    I personally like Specialized's Phenom seat, but it is hard. The mtb shorts with the sewn in chamois never worked for me, because they always slid out of place. I now use my old road bib shorts, and wear a pair of cool mountain hardwear shorts over them. I wont even think about not wearing them when riding, because when i dont wear them it is painful the next day. You also want to look at where the seat is in relation to your sit bones, and what angle the nose is at.

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    Re: Saddle question.

    Thanks for the info every one

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    I love my charge spoon saddle and its cheap! I got mine from Jenson for $27.

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    Saddle are really personal. My suggestion would be to try as many saddles as you can. Borrow some of your friends, demo some bikes, really just get out and ride on some different ones. I had a seat problem for awhile and tried adjusting it countless times and finally thought I fixed the problem then I demoed a bike with a different saddle. Instantly I felt a difference and realized what a saddle that fits you can do and how comfortable a bike can be. After six years I am still on the same type of saddle and my butts happy! I am not telling you which saddle I have since its all personal.

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