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    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!

    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!-20131005_181954.jpg

    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!-20131005_181922.jpg

    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!-20131005_181933.jpg

    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!-20131005_181948.jpg

    Resurrection project to help a patient - Knowledge appreciated!-20131005_181939.jpg

    Our budget is limited... 8 years in damp basement donation.

    Any donor part better than shown really appreciated + mention.

    What are these brakes called so I can narrow searches?

    Headrace?? Bearings... same thing.

    We need to have one front ring allowing only one gear change on bars.. cheap thumb/forefinger gear changers advice?

    A local body shop has pledged to spray and lacquer the frame.

    We would like to replace the rusty/worn bits any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, Jem.


    PS Keep somone mobile
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    Thats a older bike ,the 1" steerer tells me that ,looks like pastic pedals . The brakes are a tpye of V's . I would be real careful of speanding $ on that bike ,you could end up spending more than you would if you bought something else. Ebay for parts.

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    I second the above post. Bikes like that can become a money pit real quick. Might be cheaper to get a used bike from a thrift store.

    Another option might be to take it to a bike shop, explain your situation, and see if they have any old take-off parts that they could just give you as a form of charity. Free labor might be another thing though so I'd plan on repairing it myself.

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    Thanks for the replies.. may look at other options

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    That bike looks like with some fresh cables and a few hours of elbow grease it could likely be rideable. Are you sure you actually need any new parts? Some lube and adjustments can go a long way.

    FWIW, I wouldn't waste my time getting it painted. Way more hassle to strip it and rebuild it than it's worth.

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    Cables, brake pads and a new chain. Throw in some grease for bearings. Probably source some take off pedals at the LBS.

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