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    Cool-blue Rhythm Regular or + ? Here are my 2 cents...

    I am not selling anything so i am simply sharing my personal experience.
    I am a tall 135 pounds, 3 years riding fat/mountain, pedaling 59 years. Probably an advanced beginner, i enjoy riding my HT 100 mm 29x2.3 and i enjoy riding my HT 120 mm 27.5x3.0 on 40 mm rims.
    Riding a bit north of Montreal, Quebec i could say the + format is better in spring and fall or after a small rain or for a 3-6 hrs ride. It has been written, a bit more grip, a bit more comfort. The lighter 29 offers more acceleration and having 2 bikes is nice, one is stolen or brakes i can still ride. It also allows me to buy off season and sell in season.
    Not sure? Just buy used and resell after a few weeks if it is not the proper fit or a good match for where you ride most of the time.
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    Regular or +....

    I prefer regular. For me, the way I ride the trails I frequent, non plus just feels better. I gave plus as fair of a chance as I could without buying a plus bike (demoed, multi-day rents, etc.). It seems I just wound up pumping up pressure in plus tires to make them work for me, defeating the purpose for them to begin with. I just don't get the crispness, agility, and playfulness I like on technical trails that I get with non plus. I'm happy with 2.5's at 25 pounds of air. Like you, not selling, just my experience and preference.
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    I think how a person likes to ride plays more of a role in this decision than anything else.

    Sure, terrain is a factor, but "feel" is so hard to quantify on paper, but it's one of the things you just know when works for you or not.

    I've been around long enough that I've seen many wheel sizes come up. I haven't owned all of them, but I've ridden almost all of them (haven't ridden 27.5 fat yet). They all have their place. Some I like for fairly narrow circumstances. Plus is one of them. My 29er right now is on the not-quite-plus 2.6 tire size and I'm liking that size a lot right now. I have it on a hardtail, and I'm riding that bike and ENJOYING riding that bike on far more technical trails than I expected enjoying it on. I could easily put a plus wheelset on this bike later if I wanted to do so. That's part of the reason I chose it. So for me, the choice of "regular or plus" isn't a BIKE decision. It's a component selection, like choosing suspension travel, or gearing.

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