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    Redline D440 Or Gary Fisher Marlin?

    I am getting back into riding (never was too serious - I had a Gary Fisher Marlin I rode around in New Orleans that got stolen a few years back) and am looking for a bike to share duty as a 50% road (leisure rides with the kids) and 50% trail riding. The trails I am going to be riding on primarily are the Hooper Road trails in Baton Rouge, LA. Here are some photos of the trails.

    My question is this - for this type of riding, should I go with the Redline D440 (rigid) or a Gary Fisher Marlin? Or something else? Jamus Durango 1 maybe? Rockhopper?

    I have zero knowledge of and experience with 29 wheels / rigid frames but I am liking what I am reading about the D440. Would a rigid fork suit me for the type of riding I intend to do? Or do I need a hardtail?

    Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to buy a bike this weekend and be riding shortly thereafter.

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    Well Let me start off that usually you would want a front fork with a little travel on it if you want to ride trails that have alot of bumps, rocks, roots, and other things.

    A hardtail marlin would be great for street/ modest trail riding. I wouldnt reccomend a rigid front fork, although many people do use them. It really makes it easier on your wrists and back if you have a soft fork.

    Now if you are interested in a 29er, i would reccomend test riding one before you buy it, due to the fact that they do ride differently that a standard 26" bike

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    I started with a D440 and haven't looked back. The only time I wished for a suspension for was over washboard type roots. For road riding a rigid fork will also give you a bit more efficiency. efficiency

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    Your choice on that one...

    The D440 for the trail you intend to ride primarily will certainly teach you bike handling skills. There's nothing you can ride with a hardtail that you can't ride with a ridged bike. You just won't go as fast! As noted the ridged will give you a bit more efficient ride on the road, the hardtail will be a bit faster and easier to control on the trails.

    Also, deffinately ride both bikes if you can before you pull the trigger. As wildkyle90 noted, they do ride differently than a 26" bike. Not saying it's a bad thing, but some folks just don't like the way the feel and handle on the trail.

    Anyway, your choice, both are good bikes and would do well for your intended purpose.

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    I'd get the Marlin - it's a far more versatile bike than the D440 and would be equally at home riding on the road or commuting with the fork locked out and in the big ring, or climbing steep trails with the fork on and in the granny gear. The hardtail MTB is a very versatile bike with its wide spread of gears and often fitted with a lockable fork up front.
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