Rear Cassette Wear-
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    Rear Cassette Wear

    I've had a Trek 3900 for about two months and have been riding single track trails pretty often for most of that time. Lately I've noticed a lot of clicking on the second and third largest rear cogs, which are the main two I use while riding. I've checked the wear of the chain and there is none; the 0 and 12 on my ruler line up perfectly. Is it possible to have worn down these two cogs before causing any noticeable wear to the chain? I really don't know what else the noise could be.

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    try turning the barrel adjuster on the rear der cable a few turns and see if that helps ... it is unlikely that you wore out a cog in just two months of riding
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    Totally just need to tweak the barrel adjuster like Zoke2 said. Get the back tire of the ground either on a stand or my favorite hanging it from my basement rafter from the seat and crank the pedals and turn the adjuster there should be a noticeable difference if you are going the right or the wrong way. Turn it until it makes 0 noise, making sure that you dont have a dry chain also which could make noise. Shift it up and down a few times making sure everything is good, and your done.
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    put it in middle ring gear and gear 5, center of the cassette, on a stand... spin the cranks forward, like riding and adjust the barrel adjuster on the front shifter until it's dead center with the teeth on the bottom of the cassette coming off the derailleur smack dab in the middle of the chain. Don't settle for mediocrity, adjust the barrel so its first climbing up to gear 4 on the cassette, then count the clicks on the barrel the other way, loosening the barrel adjuster until the chain trys to click and drop to gear 6 on the cassette. Take the amount of clicks, split it in half and you should be golden.

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    if it just happens (clicking) in just a few gears, a likely cause would be a bent hanger
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    I would also suspect it to be a bent henger if it is only doing it in the 3 largest cogs.
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