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    real dumb 20mm axel hub question...

    just got a used rock shox pike and i cant figure out how to get the axel off....

    im not completely retarded....but i feel it....

    i can pinch both sides but i dont want to force it and break it....

    any help is much appreciated....

    i checked srams site and google and found this:

    1. Position your wheel in the dropouts of the lower leg. The hub should seat firmly in the dropouts. Be
    sure to position the rotor in the caliper. Verify that neither the rotor, hub, nor rotor bolts interfere with
    the lower legs. If unfamiliar with adjusting your disc brake, see your brake manufacturer's instructions.
    1. Place Maxle lever in the open position (Fig. A).
    2.. Slide the axle through the right side of the hub until it engages
    the threads of the left drop out.
    3. To tighten the axle into the dropout, turn the axle lever
    clockwise until hand tight.
    1. To lock the axle into the lower leg close the Maxle quick release lever.
    2. The quick release mechanism is an "over-center cam", similar to the quick release found on many
    bicycle wheels. When closing the lever, tension should be felt when the quick release lever is in the
    horizontal position (90 degrees to the lower leg), and the quick release lever should leave an imprint in
    the palm of your hand. If resistance is not felt at the 90 degree position and if the lever does not leave a
    clear imprint in the palm of your hand, tension is insufficient. To increase tension, open the quick
    release lever turn the quick release lock nut in small increments until proper tension is felt.
    3. Verify that the axle is unable to spin or move in the dropout by grasping the axle lever and turning
    counter clockwise.

    which are great as far as putting it problem is much simpler...thanks

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    the fukers threaded.....

    i figured it out...

    i was unthreading the quickrelease on the inside of the maxel....

    like they say

    I'm sofa king we todd did

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