question about different types of riding-
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    New question here. question about different types of riding

    what are the exact differences between 'downhill/freeriding' , 'cross-country', and 'singletrack'?

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    General answers...

    Quote Originally Posted by lomoid
    what are the exact differences between 'downhill/freeriding' , 'cross-country', and 'singletrack'?
    Downhill: Predominantly downhill riding on full suspension bikes designed to withstand tall drop offs.

    Freeride: Same thing as downhill but added in additional man-made stunts and structures.

    Crosscountry: Roughly an even combination of climbing and descending.

    Singletrack: A type of trail that is anywhere from 4"-18" wide. It's the type of trail that most of us prefer to ride. Other types of trail include: Doubletrack, Jeep or Fire Roads, etc.

    Disclaimer: These are very general descriptions and may mean something different to other people.


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    In addition to what Ken says:

    Downhill: These bikes are designed do do little or no climbing whatsoever. Gravity is your friend.

    Freeride: The "go anywhere" style of riding. The bikes are solidly built with several inches of travel. They are still light enough to scale most ascents with a little extra energy but not the most nimble of climbers. Many people call these bikes "trail bikes".

    Cross-Country: Bikes are typically designed as light as possible with some sacrifice in suspension. Climbing ability is often touted as a strength of a good cross-country bike as well as nimble handling and good acceleration. For me, a cross country ride consists of going from point A to point B on my bike using a combination of pavement, dirt roads, trails and whatever else comes between me and my final destination. I don't intentionally seek out big drops or stunts nor do I repeatedly push my bike to the top of some hill to ride down it over and over again.

    There can be a lot of overlap in the different types and styles of riding. You can do cross-country on a freeride bike and do downhill on a crosscountry bike, etc. Oh, and by the way, don't forget "Urban".
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